The most brilliant way to cure turmoil in your life!

So...I kinda went into hiding recently, so I apologize for my absence. 

It seems like there are seasons in my life where turmoil seems to be all around all around. There is only one thing that I can control, and that is myself. So when life, that is happening all around me is chaotic, and all I can do is feel paralyzed and frozen...the worst thing I can do is cripple in my eating disorder, or my anxiety, or my isolation. 

I cling to the tried and true Serenity Prayer a lot of the times. 

So at this point all I want is silence, but really what is the best, what is the most magical sound in this world is this angel. You MUST listen to the entire 27 seconds. It is like chicken soup for the soul (which is weird because why would I want to pour hot soup onto my soul with the chance that the chicken may get stuck in my esophagus and really, is chicken soup what brings most people comfort?  Because in terms of food, I hear people talk about chocolate, or fried chicken and mashed potatoes...for me it's hot tamales candy, candy corn, tootsie pops, and sushi...but really it's music. But REALLY,  it is NOT when my dog quasimodo poots because nobody wants to come over because my entire house reeks of rotten, nose hair burning dooky. What was this post about to begin with? What am I even talking about?  I hope Paul doesn't read this one).

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  1. Isaiah is so adorable! How sweet is that clip of him? What a doll!