Free Your Inner Child! Mind Blowing Lessons from my 3 year old.

So Zay has this oh my goodness ridiculous crazy obsession with Mario...all things Mario Brothers related really. It's ALLLLLLL he ever thinks about. Which, to a mommy is super annoying and kinda cute, and to a daddy he wins mega cool dad points,   (what the heck is that anyways? I mean I keep hearing "way to go Paul!" And "scored dad points!" Is there some kind of feministic rally I should be attending about this issue?) It has become such an obsessive fixation, that everywhere he walks, he is saying "yahoo", "it's a  me, Mario!" "Yah!" And all the other noises you hear in this Mario Brothers world. He walks, talks, jumps, runs, and climbs in character. At. All. Times. 

Here is a SAMPLE of his collection:

(He was terrified of his own reflection, but insisted that I took a picture to send to daddy)

So last night we were both asleep and I heard through our baby monitor  (yes, we still use a baby monitor,  but I think it's really for me to hear Zay's white noise machine to drown out Paul's snoring. Selfish mommy) I heard him talking in his sleep in Mario character! So I went into his room to spy on him of course, and get this....Isaiah was fully asleep, laughing and giggling in a true Mario/Luigi obstacle course! His arms were moving when he would make that jumping noise and just having a complete ball!

Lesson? Point?? How incredibly fun and carefree is that? Can we just take a minute to think about this Mind blowing insight from a 3 year old?  Let's try and live life without carrying the heavy burdens this extremely difficult experience of simply existing brings us. Life is tough. We go through a lot of really crappy things. I know that I let these burdens weigh me down, stress me out, and at times paralyze me. But I think Zay has a point.  Walking around saying "yahoo" and "yah!" Well, it's fun. It forces you to have a positive outlook on living...that vital existence.  It gave me a sense of optimism which naturally I sometimes lack.

Which brings me to this extremely important point...Let your inner child out to play. Free her or him. Search within your soul, your spirit, for that lost, innocent being.  Then let that new discoverydrive some of your next decisions. Here's motivation,  go swinging in the park. Buy a balloon and just carry it around in public. Say a little more "Yahoos!"

Definition of Life:
  1. Vitality. Life is the state of actual living. Vitality is the power of living or the capacity of maintaining life. 

This is a picture of Zay in Mario's green pipe that takes him to his magical secret underworld! 

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