Music That Saves my Life and Rescues my Soul

Music is a very big part of my recovery.  These are songs that have rescued me from the depths time and time again.  When my Eating Disorder voice is screaming at me and my urges to "use" are strong, I can choose to distract myself with healing music. These songs are my top choices for music therapy. There are many different healing therapies to engage in. Eating Disorders are absolutely not a choice, but choosing to make the next right decision is. Check some of my top choices.  I will continue to add to this list as my love for music allows me to discover more and more.


Macklemore "Otherside"

B. Reith ft. Lecrae and Lisa Gungor "Made For More"

Lindsey Stirling "Shatter Me"

Regina Spektor "Firewood"

Macklemore "Starting Over"

Regina Spektor "Obsolete"

Frou Frou "Let Go"

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