Google thinks my teeth are jacked up

So one of my all time favorite heros in my life, Jenny Lawson, encouraged me to do this Internet thing where you ask Google to auto predict what it thinks you need and what it thinks you have...then you Google your name and then likes (ex: Lissa likes... ) to see what Google really thinks about you. And well, you can just decide for yourself.

Well, for one Google doesn't like my name which is  Lissa. NOT Lisa. Let's get that straight.  Also Google thinks my teeth are all jacked up And I need to get a dental plan. And apparently I like Nelson....whoever the heck that is (maybe from a Simpsons episode?) I told Paul about my Google crush Nelson...he wasn't too worried.  I am going to be looking for Nelson because apparently I like him. Or wait, one thing says that I like Nelson, no I dont. Oh nevermind....

Google obviously doesn't think very highly of my teeth. Moral of the story? Beauty fades and is all in the eyes of the beholder.  So contentment is what I'm after. Maybe Google can help me out here....nah, Google seems to be clueless.  

I want inner peace. I want true self love. I am searching for self confidence and contentment.  Often my strongest downfall is my own unrealistic expectations I put on myself. I become a failure in my own eyes and begin to experience extreme ANXIETY and LACK of SELF CONTROL. 
But basically....this is how I feel:

This is where my insanity sets in. I subconsciously believe that truly I have not only failed myself,  but the entire world. I then find solace in the control and success I have over food. I begin filling my mind with things I know I won't fail at. This subconsciously brings me a false inner peace...but really, truthfully inner turmoil.  Escaping this safety zone becomes the scariest thing, but worse, it becomes an inescapable suffocating doom that I have no idea how to escape from. On my next blog post,  I will tell you some tricks that help me and that work for me, but basically it all comes down to this: two three, one two three breathe...shake it off...let it go. Let it go. This mountain in your life can be moved, or climbed, or at least we can throw eggs at it. But no matter what, you are not alone.  Whatever feelings,  craziness,  insanity you feel, believe me...I have been there.  We've got this.  We have so so got this. 

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