It's 3 am, I'm reading a dictionary and wishing for a magic 8 ball.

You know when it's 3 am and you can't sleep so you decide that reading the dictionary would be a great idea to help make you bored, so you ask your magic 8 ball (which you do not have one of because, let's just face it, it's not the 80s anymore and no one bases their fate on them anymore...don't ask me why), but I still ask him to give me a divine inspirational word to enlightened my current situation. Anyways, my imaginary magic 8 ball turned the dictionary and placed my finger on this .

I guess I should not base my future hopes and dreams on imaginary magic 8 ball enlightenment. 

Oh nevermind. 

Then, your dictionary seems to be shedding brown, ROACH-LIKE insect slowly and very cautiously, you turn the page to face the dead roach in your ancient dictionary ONLY to find that it was a 15 year old Gerber Daisy given to me by Paul that I had pressed from when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend!!  Aweeeeeeeee!!

So maybe magic 8 ball universe mother earth dude does know what she's talking about.  Still...enlarge? Geez....

But to give the thing credit,  the words above and below are awesome...

Enigma,  enjoyment, and enlighten. I think I'll keep reading the dictionary instead of sleeping.  

This post is definitely the worse one so far....

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