Road Work, 1 Mile

So you would never guess this, but I am married to a youth pastor.  He is a really private person who (unfortunately for him) married an obnoxiously outgoing and extroverted (and let's just face it, beautiful) girl. He was well aware of what he was getting himself into, so don't you dare feel sorry for him! I am NOT a private person, and share everything! (I am a good secret keeper though I must say). Anyways, we were driving to the Pensacola fair yesterday so Zay could go to all three fairs in our area (if you consider 1 1/2 hours drive local). Oh fine, here is a picture or two and maybe a video...

Oh, and as he went down this slide he was totally saying "holy crap! Holy crap!" Which, please, that came straight from his daddy's mouth. And there was this lady who had a REALLY BAD case of bangs, that was shaking her head in disapproval. 

Mommy's own magical fairyland right here. $24 worth of candy for yours truly! 

 He is just way to freaking precious. 

So back to the point of my post. On our way home from the fair, Paul was telling me that he gave a sermon (or message or something like preaching but he does not like to say he preaches...come on) on Hannah Montana Movie after having the middle school aged kids in our youth group watch it. Wait, what? 

Then he goes on to tell me that you can make a sermon or a life lesson out of anything.  So after I threatened him with violence, I decided to test him with a game I like to call...babe, that's ridiculous.  I started to point to things and force him to tell me where he would go with that "life lesson" (by the way he hated this game for sure). For example he saw a road work orange cone thing and said that those cones are there to protect us, not just hinder or narrow our pathway, but to protect us from crashing, going the wrong way, etc. Sometimes God puts cones in our lives and (blah blah blah).

Freaking sure enough HE WAS RIGHT!! 
So my favorite one of the night was 
"Road Work, 1 mile"

Road construction SUCKS! It's annoying, inconvenient, tests my patience, brings our my frustration and anger, but you know what? It makes the roads better! It fills up and fixes potentially dangerous and harmful pot holes. It's not a finished product yet. It is not complete and will be ugly and annoying until it is complete! 

ISN'T THAT LIFE??? Like really truly! God's working on my crap right now. It's ugly, it's orange and gives you a headache...and most of us need a warning sign! But I am not finished yet. I'm growing. I'm still being pruned. How refreshing.  And annoying. 

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